MerAmor | Skincare that cares: Finding the Right Products Is Easier than You Think
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Skincare that cares: Finding the Right Products Is Easier than You Think

Our skin is one of the first parts of us that people encounter when they see us. Before we even open our mouths, our skin speaks volumes about us. Skin that is well-hydrated, free from blemishes and has few wrinkles, says that we are healthy and young. Have you ever had a friend that just seemed to glow with radiant, beautiful skin?

On the flip side of that, if our skin is dry, wrinkled and blemished, it gives an entirely different impression of us. And we begin to get the dreaded “you look tired” comments. Even worse, we may believe the lie that some people just have better skin than others. While some people may be genetically predisposed to have lower-maintenance skin, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to settle for less-than-glowing skin.

For those of us not graced by the gods with perfect skin no matter if we sleep in our makeup or forget to use eye cream for a week, we turn to the skincare industry to help us fill in the gaps. This is a logical – and correct – place to look for our skin solutions, but that doesn’t mean that it is an easy one.

The skincare market seems to be constantly changing, adding new fads and must-have products every day. This can lead to confusion about which products really work for your skin and where to find quality products. Luckily, the answer is surprisingly simple.

The best skincare solutions and products start with quality ingredients – ingredients that have been around for thousands of years, ingredients like Dead Sea Salt.
One of nature’s true miracle products, the salts produced by the Dead Sea have been highly sought after for their healing and beautifying properties since ancient times. Though Dead Sea Salt has seen renewed interest in the skincare department over the last few decades, it is by no means a new ingredient. There are documented cases of the waters of the Dead Sea being used thousands of years ago for healing, beauty and relaxation.

Products that contain Dead Sea Salt can help rejuvenate your skin, exfoliating and smoothing to restore a beautiful illumination. Dead Sea Salt also has healing properties and can bring your skin back into balance. With use you will see increased smoothness,nourishment and elasticity in your skin. It truly is a miracle ingredient when it comes to beauty products.

If you browse the counters at a department store or in your local high-end spa, you will find an array of products that contain Dead Sea Salt – everything from face scrubs to night creams. You will find a huge range in the prices of these products as well. For most of us, this only confuses the issue.

After all, isn’t Dead Sea Salt all the same? For that matter, aren’t all beauty product ingredients equal? The answer is no.

While Dead Sea Salt is Dead Sea Salt, that does not mean that every company harvests or uses it the same way. One of the most beneficial components of Dead Sea Salt is Magnesium. Naturally, then, Dead Sea Salt with higher concentrations of Magnesium are much more effective at producing skin benefits.

Even though a product has Dead Sea Salt listed as an ingredient, or even in the name, does not guarantee that there is an adequate concentration of Magnesium to get the benefits that you are looking for.

It is the same with any ingredient from retinol to pearl powder, collagen to hyaluronic acid. Some brands reflect a lower concentration of key ingredients in their prices. Not always, though. This is where we as consumers, must be educated about what is in our beauty products.

At MerAmor, we are a luxury skincare brand that uses one of the highest concentrations of key ingredients like Magnesium-rich Dead Sea Salt in our skincare products. We are committed to giving our customers the very highest-quality products possible. It is our priority to see more of you with that radiant, glowing, enviable skin.

MerAmor strives to educate our consumers, which is part of the overall experience we offer as a brand and through our products. We choose to highlight the importance of high concentrations of key ingredients in skincare products. You no longer have to sit back and guess what is best for your skin. Knowing that we use natural ingredients that have been proven over thousands of years simplifies things greatly. And having companies like MerAmor who educate about the way those ingredients are used in our products makes it easier to choose a skincare line that really works. For you.