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First of all … about YOU


We know we’re supposed to be telling you all about us, but just for a minute, we’d like to talk about you.


You’re a busy woman with a demanding lifestyle. Morning drive, work, lunch meeting, yoga, parent – teacher conference, maybe food? Your days are full of draining “passion killing” tasks that can quickly dull the sparkle in your eye and spring in your step.


You fulfil so many roles in life, that it can be easy to forget about the most vital one – that of your own caregiver. How often do you have the time to just be you? What’s your escapism?


Remember- taking care of yourself is so important for success in all your other roles.


No, we’re not psychic, we’ve just spent a lot of time listening to our customers – women like you – and learning how our products can enrich your life.


We know that life can sometimes get in the way of joy, relaxation and passion. That’s why our products embody our commitment to you, to encourage you to embrace and re-awaken a sense of passion in your life. You could almost say that we’ve made it our mission…

Our mission


Our mission is to provide you with an extraordinary skincare experience that triggers a passionate and dynamic mindset, inspiring you to take that positive vibe with you into each and every day.


From the moment you and your skin wake up to a brand new day, to last thing at night when you drift into sleep feeling nourished and relaxed, our aim is to envelop you in pure indulgence and thrill your senses.


Discover the key to reigniting your passion and seeing the world through rose colored glasses is a journey you owe to your-passionate-self. A journey where you can be superwoman at home, in the office and even in the bedroom … now, isn’t that something we’d all secretly love?



The origins of MerAmor


The MerAmor story begins in 2014, in Israel, as a result of a thriving relationship between an elite local Dead-Sea manufacturer, Paloma, and our company EBK Global. We combined our unique vision with Paloma’s 35 years’ experience producing supreme skincare products.


We’ve taken advantage of our experience to create our own brand, using only the most natural and luxurious of ingredients, such as black caviar, seaweed, pearls and Dead Sea salt. The therapeutic properties of our range of products will revive your skin and your senses, prompting you to seek out more of what you’ve been missing.


Whether it’s our Active Serum, velvety Body Butter or any one of our products, you’ll feel the boost in your passion from the very first touch against your skin.

Finally, our vision


We are here to light that spark in you through our skincare.


We don’t simply settle for the outstanding quality of our products and providing a fabulous experience to our customers. We’re also committed to sharing our knowledge and perspective on the healthy and positive lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with your beautiful skin.


Our vision is for a society where our products can inspire happy, passionate mindsets in women throughout the world – more passionate lovers, mothers, friends and colleagues all around us. The true value of that is priceless.


We’re proud to share skincare with you that sets you on the first step of your journey to a healthier, happier more sensual life. Make time for your health, time for your appearance, and above all time for just YOU.