MerAmor | Night Cream
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Night Cream

Night Cream

Dreaming of a youthful glow?  Restore moisture, retain vitamins and polish pores with this potent slumber elixir


about this product

Settle in with our lux formulation of the best for your rest.


A nurturing blend of oils and extracts coddle your skin and tuck it in under a blanket of moisture and antioxidants.


Wheat Germ, Olive and Evening Primrose Oil keep the complexion fully hydrated during restorative hours. Chamomile, Frankincense and Ginseng Extract encourage sweet dreams and protect during your beauty sleep.

key benefits
  • Sesame Seed Oil shields skin from moisture loss
  • Wheat Germ Oil evens out wrinkles and soothes irritation
  • Pearl Powder stimulates collagen regeneration and purifies pores
how to use

Before bed, massage a generous amount of cream into face using upward and outward strokes.  Crawl into bed, then wake up to the skin you’ve been missing.

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